SJSU Class Finder


Screenshot showing class details

SJSU Class Finder is an Android app designed to make it easier for SJSU students to find classes. It has two ways of finding classes: Browse by Subject and Search.

This is not an official SJSU application. Please do not contact SJSU for support.

All of the public information in the app comes from

Browse by Subject

Screenshot showing list of class sections

Browse by Subject first shows a list of subjects. Clicking on a subject shows a list of classes (sections) in that subject. Clicking on a class section shows the details for that section.

Search Classes

Screenshot showing search options

Search Classes lets users choose from any or all of the following:

Using the App

The only controls in the app are the clickable items on the screen and the phone's Back button.

As soon as the app starts, it begins downloading class schedule information in the background. The information is stored locally in a database to improve performance. The app will check for updated schedule information periodically, and download it when it becomes available.

Known Issues

In order to search, the app needs to download information about all classes offered during the semester. This can take a few minutes. Sometimes, the progress bar will stop updating, but changing the phone orientation from vertical to horizontal usually refreshes the display. The Browse by Subject activity can be used while the download happens in the background.

Class schedule information is subject to frequent changes. Information in the app may at times be incorrect or out-of-date. If you require official, up-to-date information, please use